Virtual Tips for joining Club Nights

Here are a few tips to assist you ensure the best viewing and listening quality on your end:

1. In preparation for virtual Club Night, you should download and set up Zoom on your computer or mobile device. This will optimize your concert experience. Try some Zoom chats with friends to familiarize yourself with how it works.

2. You could try to connect your laptop or computer device to your TV via HDMI cable for optimal sound and audio through your TV. Or just connect some cheap speakers to your computer and turn on the sound.

3. For viewing on mobile devices, we suggest high quality headphones or external speakers. But keep in mind that if you use your phone, you may incur high data charges if you are travelling.

4. You could also try to use an Ethernet cable plugged directly to your internet source to allow for best quality reception.

5. Most importantly, get your favourite beverage ready and settle in to the best seat in the house... and enjoy the show!

courtesy of the London Accordion Club

How to Share your Screen and Sound (for PC, may be different for different devices):

  1. Share Screen

  2. Choose your video (needs to be 'open' on your device (ready to push 'play' on your device)

  3. Select ' Share sound'

  4. Select 'Share'

  5. push 'Play' on your video